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it doesnt matter how busy we are we always take order and finish the job in less than an hour, for all iphone 5, 5s 5c and 6 6s plus 7, 8, plus x, xs model please visit www.kmasterelectronics.com


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when it comes to get your ipad repair then customer always think about Kmaster Name and that is where quality work in done all walk-in


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iPhone Repair Etobicoke

Here We can explain it to you how easy it is for us to offer an iphone repair etobicoke and when you wanted to get your iphone 4, 5, broken screen, water damage repair, screen replacement and charging repair all can be done while you wait. The cost of the iphone 5 currently anywhere from 200-300 dollars from the authorized store but If you want to get it done less than 60 dollars any iphone model other than 5c and 5s this time may be no more than 15 to 20 dollars more than 60. Now the question is how confident the company is when they are actually replacing the whole lcd which comes with the frame and lcd joint in one piece . The answer is here all you needed to do is to call 416-831-5257 and ask for the location and time it will take and you are done. iphone 4, 5, 6, 6s  6 plus 7 8  water damage repair can take up to an hour depends when it was dropped. The bag of rise trick does work if you don’t plug it it right after when it go wet. If  you are iphone charging repair needed a job done or iphone battery replacement , and speaker repair or even a power buton repair done simply visit us at Kmaster Electronics

iPhone home button repair, iPhone water damage repair, iPhone broken glass lcd repair, and iPhone battery replacement, wifi repair, charging repair and more..

iPhone repair Oakville, iPhone repair Brampton, iPhone repair Mississauga and iPhone other iPhone screen repair etobioke available on the spot by calling 4168315257 WE guarantee our lowest prices if you come to our square one area


Samsung S8 Repair

You might have this question if we also do Samsung s8 repair or any other other phone other than iphone devices than you are at the right place. Kmaster Electronics does all types of phones and now are ready to do an action to let everyone know what is online marketing all about. Please mention you have found us thru here and you have the issue with you cracked lcd glass display. We can fix your device near you in less than an hour. We know exactly what to do if you samsung cracks. Over 15 years in business same brand also serving samsungrepair.ca . We aslo carry other samsung model parts in stock please visit our website www.kmasterelectronics.com

iPhone 7 Repair

When we offer iphone 7 repair then we make sure we keep the parts in stock all the time and price is very important for some customers. This phone has little bit different style inside when we opened the phone. Our team checks everything to make sure no screw left when giving the phone back to customers hand. Please visit our walk-in centre and call us at 416-831-5257

iPad Mini Screen Repair

We have been offering ipad mini screen repair since day one it was launched We are located just west of dixie road if you are curious to know exact location then simply google Kmaster you can find the map and there is no need to make an appointment please call us at 4168315257

iPhone Repair Oakville

We are always offering iphone repair oakville and We want to make sure you fully understand that what is the difference getting it repaired from us or through apple, We provide full warranty also and just make sure you dont drop it in the water and make sure no physical damage and other than that you might have a problem with the software if you have updated it, please call us for more information.

iPad Repair

No one likes to break a glass but when you needed an ipad repair there are many things to remember first the company name you visited before right here and decide how far you have to drive and last thing what prices you are expecting to pay , all those things can be found at www.kmasterlectronics.com site.

iPhone 6 Repair

For most cases its just the glass but when you needed an iphone 6 repair it could be anything and there are many ways to find us where you are and if you are driving then gps is your friend but sometimes its a great idea to call first at 416-831-5257  and get the beast deal instead visiting someone when you go inside of their store different prices but our company doesnt work like that , what you have quoted thats what you pay no game. Recently We have some feed back from customers went online and saw some cheap prices and over the phone guy said so cheap that they were surprise and wanted to visit the but when they got there they were treated like in pawn shop and making stories like this is a qood quality bad quality and some comments which didnt make sense at all. Please be care full and when you go to company like Kmaster Electronics you never have to worry about anything and you can just google it kmaster and visit the site to see the full direction.

iPhone Repair Georgetown

Daily We get inquiry if We offer iphone repair gerogetown and our always answer is yes because you may find our express job while you wait so far there is no one in Canada can compete us  if you needed to know exact how long it will take We can say no more than 30 minutes

iPhone 5 Repair North york

We we offer an iphone 5 repair north york We already know where you calling from and thats why our team has the special rates for you We already know what price We have to offer you if you needed to get your iphone 5 water damage repair , iphone charging repair, and iphone power button repair or even iphone 5 battery replacement , you can mention that your found us throught iphone repair etobicoke even though there are 2 different cities We can still offer you our best prices , iphone repair milton and iphone repair oakville and iphone repair brampton or anwhere in ontario if you are findin us to get your iphone 5 screen repair We will give you our best prices  if you mention Kmaster Electronics On the Spot and www.kmasterelectronics.com 

iPhone 5c Repair Mississauga

There is not much distance if you would like to get your iphone 5c repair mississauga and I would say only 2 km and you are in our store but the question is why choose Kmaster Electronics and answer can be found at www.kmasterelectronics.com/ and go into google maps and type in the company We mention then you will see all of our locations and then you can decide.

iPhone 5 Repair Hamilton

You might be thinking why we are offering iphone repair Hamilton when We are not even near there and if you ask us for the honest opinion there is no charge and free advise if you just reach us at 905-361-1249 We will guide you though how to get to us and how much to save and its all calculated in less than a minute. Our job is to provide our quality and rapid jobs and when you hear from your friends and about our name you will be happy to find out We are a Kmaster Electronics a well known company since 1999, www.kmasterelectronics.com


Every iPhone repair etobicoke offerd on the spo walk-in at www.KmasterElectronics.com
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